The Meme Zone is a vibrant and dynamic community dedicated to the art of meme-making. With a passion for humor and creativity, the group organizes thrilling meme-making competitions that bring together talented memers from all corners of the internet. These competitions serve as a platform for individuals to showcase their wit, cleverness, and ability to create hilarious and relatable content. The Meme Zone takes pride in recognizing and rewarding the winners, as their exceptional contributions bring joy and laughter to countless viewers. By championing the power of memes and nurturing a supportive environment, the Meme Zone fosters a vibrant community that celebrates the art form and its creators. > wiki > The Meme Zone

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The Meme Zone (Est May 2023), is a vibrant and dynamic community dedicated to the art of meme-making.

Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20) Education: School of Memes Status: Active Est: May 2023 Occupation: Full time meme making.
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The Meme Zone has a total supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens. Buy & sell taxes are both 0%

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TMZ token contract address will be available at launch through our official telegram first. Beware of fakes. Stay safe.

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Why The Meme Zone?

As humans, we are social beings. We always love to know the sources of our feelings and like to relate to others in our social circle. We all like to be appreciated and want to stand out and gain attention in our society and culture. Memes allow us to do all that.

In the internet era, the world has shrunk to a global village. We can all communicate with each other through different social media platforms. Memes take this communication to the next level. You receive and share memes all the time through images, texts, GIFs, or short videos. > TMZ

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